The best day… in the oldest place. Celebrating one’s marriage at “Orvieto Underground” means getting married under the good auspices of the ancient Etruscans who dug the grotto.

Since 2002 the Municipality of Orvieto has authorised the celebration of marriages in a civil ceremony inside the grottoes of “Orvieto Underground”. It is therefore possible to add to the excitement of the best day the magic emanating from one of the oldest places in the city. The room selected is called “Grotto of the Old Mill” where the monumental remains of a oil mill from XIV century dominate a wide underground room of Etruscan origin. It is therefore a very original location, ideal for those who wish to give the ceremony a special touch, and to receive guests in a place that will certainly amaze and stay in everyone’s memory for a long time. And, by the way… best wishes from “Orvieto Underground”!