IMPORTANT: The park is under restauration and therefore not available at the moment


A shady green area prepared for picnics and only a hundred metres from the Duomo, a big corner of the countryside… in the middle of the city.

The grottoes where the guided tour of “Orvieto Underground” takes place open onto the “Park of the Grottoes”. A vast green area prepared for picnics, organised on wide terraces sloping down to the panoramic border of the Rupe on which Orvieto stands. Shaded by big pines and airy pergolas, cheered by the flutter of wings of numerous bird species and by the lightning appearance of squirrels, it has a surprising feature: it is situated in the heart of the city, on the border with Piazza Duomo, tourist navel of the city.

Visitors who have just admired the polychromatic and beaming façade of the Golden Lily of cathedrals need only to walk less than a hundred metres to find themselves immersed in an unexpected and peaceful corner of countryside. Here one can comfortably eat a packed lunch or, upon booking, have a meal on a tray. Here you can easily eat your packed lunch or, upon request, book a light lunch.

Particularly ideal for receiving school trips and groups, the Park can accommodate about a hundred people; in the event of bad weather a big grotto, generally used for concerts, shows and conferences, offers an alternative refuge with a charming table that becomes one of the most enjoyable and lasting recollections of the day.

The Park of the Grottos can also be hired for private parties. In this case it also offers a wide square where it is possible to play music and dance, as well as several places purposely equipped for cooking tasty barbecues.